Will I need to buy anything else after investing in your course?

After you officially become one of my students and begin your digital design journey, here's a small list of what else you should be prepared to invest in:

I can find YouTube videos and other free resources on Digital Design. Why should I invest in your course?

This is a great question - many free resources do exist on learning digital design. However, most of the time these resources offer "helpful but incomplete" content. In other words, you would most likely have to keep searching different videos (or other resources) in order to have everything you need to learn graphic, web or multimedia design.
When you invest in my online course, you're not just investing in more information and resources. You are investing in a step by step game plan to help you learn digital design faster and only what you need in order to see results and feel more confident about each program. It is concise without cutting corners you'll eventually need to know to defend yourself in your career.

Rather than teach you every little thing about digital design, I only teach you what you need to know and only what it will give your results within the first few weeks or less. Furthermore, your investment includes my time and years of expertise in the field and real-life projects. You will also get email support for free.
One other thing for the beta program only: as one of my first students, you'll have the bonus of me evaluating your projects for free once it's finished (something I normally charge my clients at least $65-$100, but not for my students). I’m also working on creating a support group in Facebook. 

Good luck finding a blogger or YouTuber who will evaluate your projects after you consume their more-than-likely outdated or confusing content.

I want to know more details about the Adobe Certified Associate ( ACA ) certification

The Adobe certification ( ACA ) is part of the program. While you learn Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign will be given all of the information, resources in order to pass the certification. Most of the student that get one or more ACA certification have better possibilities to get higher paying design jobs. 

Will I get a diploma after completing each course?

Once you have completed your course, you can download your diploma as proof of your achievement. Note: You need to finished at least 80% of the projects and quizzes in order to get a diploma.

What format does the class take?

Each class is taught through exclusive pre-recorded videos. Additional class materials including resources, images, Photoshop files, interactive assignments and quizzes are available when logging in to your account on adobetec.podia.com

Will the instructor see my work?

YES! The instructor will review and check your projects this is one of the main benefits of this online course vs others. The instructor will tell you how to submit your work once you start the program.

Is the class live?

This class is online and consists of pre-recorded video lessons, which can be watched in any order, at any time. 

Will I get all lessons and resources at once?

No, An email is automatically sent to you letting you know when a new section is available. Basically you will get a new lesson every 4 days, so this way you have enough time to watch the movies and do the projects.

Refund Policy

This course delivers immense value for an incredibly low investment and all of the material is instantly accessible and downloadable.  As such, we are unable to offer refunds except on a case-by-case basis. In order to get a refund the student needs to show that he/she finished at least 80% of the program and show proof of their work.